PROJECTS: Living Spaces

Valley Station Apartments

313 & 329 Lincoln Street, West Des Moines, IA
60,000 sf
Details: This project was designed with the theme of the old train depot in mind with an architectural style reminiscent of a period when rail was still a prominent form of transportation. This new facility is comprised of two identical mirror imaged buildings. Each building is a three story wood framed structure. The complex includes fifty-two two bedroom apartment units and fifty-two garages.

Wildwood Hills Ranch

St. Charles, Iowa
10,750 sf
06/01/2014 From the client: "Venter Spooner has been a great partner on both projects we have worked with them on. They have an understanding of our mission and have gone "over and above" to work with vendors and subcontractors to find the most cost effective solutions on our projects. Our dining hall/bunkhouse completed 2 years ago and our new bunkhouse completed this year were both completed on time and on budget."