A primary factor in achieving outstanding results on a construction project is the pre-construction phase. Decisions made at this time are crucial and directly affect the outcome. Several components are carefully analyzed including budgeting, constructability reviews, material availability, equipment needs and project delivery. Accurate and thoughtful project scheduling is the primary control system for any project. Venter Spooner understands the importance of developing and monitoring the project schedule beginning as early as practical in the construction process. A computer generated schedule will be built using individual work activities linked together with precedent logic. This schedule will be updated periodically.

We will also build sub-schedules or two week schedules for critical components of work or at critical times in the sequence of work activities. We will also assist the owner in monitoring the overall scheduling goals of the project by studying and understanding the owner’s priorities, the necessary project phasing, the work of separate contractors, equipment delivery dates, etc. We have completed a significant number of projects in the Des Moines Metro Area and we have earned the reputation of being very aggressive with our approach to project schedule. We have an outstanding record of meeting completion deadlines on very challenging projects with very demanding clients.