MedPharm Dispensary Windsor Heights

7239 Apple Valley Drive, Windsor Heights
2,000 sf
Details: The MedPharm project is an interior tenant improvement project constructed in the newly remodeled Apple Valley Shopping Center. Venter Spooner completed a significant renovation of the shell building for real estate developer Colby Interests prior to the start of the tenant improvement work.

MedPharm was originally started and developed by Kemin Industries for the purpose of providing an outlet for safe and legal cannabidiol products that could serve Iowa patients with debilitating medical conditions.

The tenant improvement construction included a purposeful use of the latest building material finishes allowing for a striking new and contemporary look. The project was under extreme scrutiny due to the nature of the upstart business. Venter Spooner strategically met the challenge of an aggressive schedule with continuous planning, scheduling and prioritization of daily tasks.

Phenix School Apartments

415 7th Street, West Des Moines, Iowa
34,000 sf
Details: Phenix School Apartments was a unique restoration project that involved repurposing a local elementary school originally constructed in 1939. The project converted the existing building into 17 individual modern apartment units with common art studio space for tenants' use. The original building was constructed as an all cast-in-place concrete structure unusual for its time and particularly unique by today's standard.

Renovating the building by making a significant change to the building's original purpose and at the same time accommodating the existing heavy structural frame was a particular challenge. Careful, thorough planning and layout was critical to the success of the project.

The property offers tenants a unique and creative living space while also making shared art studio space available for the tenants'personal creative art project.

Venter Spooner worked closely with the owner and architect as part of a negotiated project team providing both preconstruction and construction services. Venter Spooner was responsible for budget, schedule and quality control from the early design phase through final project delivery.